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7 things you didnt know about buggys and cars

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In this post we want to present several some fun facts that surely you did not know about the world of motor and buggies...
Although there are always people really knew you probably know some of these curiosities, hopefully soprenderos:

1. Did you know that the first Buggies were built using the chassis of the Volkswagen Beetle.

2. Did you know that naming buggy comes from the bug.

3. Did you know that Justin Bieber will be the voice of KITT in Knight Rider movie.

4. Did you know that 60% of porches built throughout history continue to drive the streets.

5.-The most expensive car in the world is a Rolls-Royce valued at approximately $ 50 million.

6. Did you know that Lamborghini supercars brand was, at first, a builder of tractors?

7.- Interestingly Volvo the first brand pioneered start putting seatbelts in their vehicles as standard.

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