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The first buggy made ​​came from the mind of a surfer

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The first buggy ever made came from the mind of a surfer. A car with two clear inspirations: a beat-beetle and the sea. A curious story of successes, joys and disappointments you should know firsthand.

How Bruce F. Meyers created the buggy almost accidentally and fascinating history that hides under its octogenarian skin.

I'm sitting in front of an old man behind a desk in his garage; through the open door fleeting rays of sunshine slip. he is surrounded by cardboard boxes full of memories, she has a pen in his hand and a notebook in front of him. His name is Bruce F. Meyers and intends to start writing his biography. "It's not easy," he says with a touch of sadness, though her eyes seem so alive like a Doberman. Meyers recapitulates its 89 years of intense life: he fought in a world war, in six marriages and before a judge ... has won so many battles as he has lost. But I am here to revive one of the most important chapters of his life. A story that began 50 years ago, when he invented the original buggy, created on the basis of a Volkswagen Beetle.

At that time supplied surfboards in Pismo Beach (California) and one day saw a surfer riding the dunes in a gutted Beetle. That fascinated him and soon he sketched the design for such a car would. He should have the appearance of a wave and a light plastic body. I had some experience, because manufactured surfboards and small pleasure craft.

In early 1964 he had his first finished buggy; Meyers Manx and called it consisted of a mounted on the shafts and the direction of a Volkswagen Beetle, with two seats and an air-cooled boxer engine monohull.

His wife then told his colleagues at the magazine Road & Track and liked it so much that pulled the buggy in front. As if by magic, they began to rain orders. Nevertheless, proudly explains: "I never interested in money." Then he created a mounting kit so that people could build their own buggy. It consisted of 11 pieces and then cost $ 535 (488 euros). Full impact. The business took off. He hired staff, Elvis called him to ask him one, too Carrol Shelby was done with a buggy and drove one Steve McQueen in the film "The Thomas Crown ', 1968.