Venta de buggys

What is a buggie? and what can do for me this vehicle

buggie distributor in PalmaA buggy , also known as buggie is a vehicle designed to go off road, in the mountains or by the beach , the first buggy were built on the basis of a Volkswagen beetle, and its name comes from the diminutive of "bug". After this they began to build buggies in big china manufacturer because of the cost and also began as a hobby constructed entirely by hand by their owners. Fans of this hobby are those who enjoy driving fast without plain roads this type of vehicle that allows them to perform this activity, but there is also a large market share that buy them to work in the country that can get through and drag to almost any part of the physical geography. The army would not be less and has adapted this vehicle in so many different series of buggies for combat, because of its high maneuverability and power. Solobuggys is the largest distribution company of buggy and quads in Europe, and he is buggy manufacturer too.